I would like to communicate without words, just with my photographs. Then you will put in it what it inspires you.

It is this freedom, the universality of it that is essential in my path as a photographer.

This journey started in 1987 during a school photography workshop. I continued to explore it with passion until I made it my job. After studying marketing and working as a freelance set and digital assistant, I decided to start as a documentary photographer.

I realize that I love telling stories as much and getting messages across from artists, curators, foundations, museums ...

I like to be a silent witness, to make the ephemeral eternal!

On this site, I present a small selection of my work that I  realized for clients or just for my own pleasure.

I am a plural, particular and passionate person.

It is above all the relationship between space and movement that is at the center of my work and my approach.

Good discovery!


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